Birding On the Beach!

Bird lovers everywhere unite! On the sandy beaches of Wilderness shores in South Africa, there’s such an amazing array of birds here that birders come from all over the world. The birds you get to see aren’t your garden variety songbirds either, they’re colorful, vibrant and sing melodies like you’ve never heard before.

cape teal wildernessNot only does the area boast an amazing beachfront, but also plenty of hiking trails and forests to meander. Within those forests, which you can also get to by horseback, you’ll find entirely different species of birds than you might in the wetlands area, or the coastal sections. Birds like the Knysna Lourie and Wood Owls are more easily seen among the forest canopies, but there’s also Bar-throated Apalis, and Green-backed Bleating Warblers, Terrestrial Bulbul and Chorister Robins. more

Accept Obesity or Change it

top weight loss blogsIt’s quite sad and rather depressing to realize that these days it seems to be “the norm” to be overweight. It seems almost as if society has just accepted the fact that it’s “okay” to be overweight or even obese. There are so many reasons why a person can be overweight, but there’s always something that can be done. Unfortunately, for those few minority who are not suffering from obesity or excessive weight, it’s easy for them to say “eat less and go to the gym more”. Sometimes, it’s just not that easy. Try reading a few reputable Health and Weight Loss blogs that have reader reviews that can kick start your lifestyle change.

In some cases though it actually is just that easy. However going on a diet is not necessarily the answer, instead most of the time it’s more a question of a lifestyle change. If you happen to be somebody who simply needs a lifestyle change to help with weight loss, a program called Eat Stop Eat. You’ll find it’s not a conventional diet, and is far easier to follow than any other regular diet.

If you do not believe in following any type of diet, there are other ways to lose weight. Simply making a few changes in your own personal diet can help aid in weight loss. A few examples are switching up your regular white bread (that is if you eat white bread of course) for a whole grain or multi-grain option instead. Brown bread won’t do since it’s simply white bread “with a twist”. If you use full cream milk for things like your coffee and tea or cereal, switch that up for fat-free milk instead. Avoid 2% milk because it literally is only 2% less fat than full cream. Most people assume 2% milk means there is only 2% fat in it. This is of course untrue. Continue reading

A woman’s POV on how to pick up girls

Man-and-woman-flirtingI am going to go out on a limb here and assume that you’re having trouble picking up ladies. I can make this assumption because you are reading a post on how to pick up a woman. Which is all fine and well because some guys have it, and some guys need to learn it. Now I am making no claims to being a pick up artist myself purely because I am a woman. However, from a female’s perspective you can get some insight on how to pick us up without coming across like a complete loser, and actually get somewhere. Still interested? Keep reading…

First things first, my first piece of advice is to first go and read up a the Tao of bad as review. It’s pretty comprehensive and I think kind of useful. I’ve been on a lot of different websites about pickup artists and have come across some real pieces of work! I mean guys that think then breaking down a woman emotionally or mentally in any way just so that he can “pick up the pieces” and swooping like some kind of caped Crusader hero, it’s sickening! What’s worse is that people buy this crap and take it as gospel that it will work. There’s nothing heroic about breaking down woman spirit and then putting her back together to fit your needs, which is why I prefer the Tao Badass. The authors name is Josh Pellicer who knows what he is talking about since he’s actually been through the whole “I can’t get a chick” phase. And since he went about it in a gentlemanly way, I figured I’d let it out yourself. Continue reading

How to have beautiful bigger breasts naturally

breast sizeThe first thing that is required for great looking breasts is to buy a supportive quality bra. From underwired to padded there are a number of choices when purchasing a bra. The bras available are not just practical but they are also very pretty to wear.

If your breasts need a little enhancement you can achieve this by wearing a padded and push up bra which gives a great shape to the breasts. Equally if you have larger breasts then you should make sure that your bra is supportive and does not allow the breasts to drop or squeeze out through the cups.

Having a bra fitted is best to gain your correct size although your size may not apply to all makes of bras, so if you buy different makes you could be needing a different size. The worse thing to do is to wear a bra that is too tight and the straps are cutting into the skin. The wrong sort of bra will not boost your bust in the right way. Continue reading

Symptoms of having diabetes type 2

diabetesThere are no single reasons for your body to start to develop the signs of diabetes type 2. Often it is a number of different factors that are responsible in having the condition. However being overweight combined with a lack of activity and eating a highly processed diet are considered to be major factors that are known to increase the risk of developing diabetes.

Unfortunately today there are more people who are less active and overweight and this will cause an overall increase in the number of people who are likely to acquire diabetes. Therefore to be able to begin to reverse your diabetes today will require a change in everyday lifestyle habits. Understanding the symptoms that can give rise to having diabetes is important to be aware of. Continue reading

Tips and tricks on how to lose weight and look great without sacrifice

healthy weightloss tipsEverybody wants to look great all the time, but nobody really wants to sacrifice all the tasty good things either. So can you have your cake and eat it too? You certainly can. There are several ways you can lose weight and look great without too much sacrifice.

One of the easiest ways is to use one of the hundreds of different kinds of weight loss programs available today. Granted, not all of them allows you to eat some of the delicious goodies that is technically “not good for you”, but they are a few that allows for little leeway and is a little bit more flexible than others. A prime example is the cruise control diet. So if you’re interested in using a program, then check out the Cruise Control Diet to find out how you can get your hands on this program and lose weight without too much sacrifice.

If you not too keen on trying out a program, then maybe a few small adjustments to your diet along with some great and fun exercises is the way to go for you. Just be sure not make too many changes at once otherwise it you might find yourself backtracking and falling back into your old habit of eating too much or too much of the wrong thing. Continue reading

Create stunning photos with – Trick Photography and Special Effects

What is Trick Photography and Special Effects?

TrickphotographyTrick photography and special effects is an eBook containing a collection of tricks and tips on creating heart-touching images by use of your camera. There are lots of tricks and tips that you can use to take your photography to the next level. All you need to do is try out the tips offered in this eBook. For visit for a detailed review of trick photography and special effects.

Evan is a young and very talented photographer who has mastered the skill of photography. Evan is the author of this eBook where he is willing to share with you these top notch skills that will improve your photography skills. In his book, you will flip over 200 pages of vital tips as well as tutorial videos of 9 hours.

Detailed Info

Trick photography eBook teaches you how to make some amazing photos from you camera. To bring out the best of you, the book has divided the tips into different categories Continue reading

Are guru’s helpful in affiliate marketing?

internet-guruWhen entering the world of online marketing and aiming to become a wealthy affiliate having guidance from others can be a vital consideration. In online marketing you will come across people who have set themselves up as being a ‘guru’ and will claim to be experts on a particular topic but are just there to take your money. No Office No Problem is a website that searches for the most legit training programs out there, so make sure to check there before investing into training programs you know nothing about. Finding a guru, or a mentor or just someone who inspires you to take action can be invaluable when setting out in business, but what exactly is a guru.

A guru is considered to be someone that is an inspirational teacher and gives guidance to others. A guru can mean different things to different people but is mostly considered to be someone that is spiritual and inspirational imparting knowledge and guidance to others who seek it. Some people would describe a guru as being a teacher or a leader or a mentor or a coach. A guru is often otherwise known as a mentor or a teacher but one that is useful to know and listen to. A guru can be someone that is admired and held in high esteem by others; a guru in this context is often appointed to the position by influential people. Continue reading

A sneak peek into the Venus factor diet program

venus diet program hour glassAsk any woman what who ideal reshape is and she will tell you the perfect hourglass figure. The problem is, that most women are not blessed with this body shape. There are those that have a pear shape and those who or Apple shaped. And then of course there is the ruler shape, also known as athletic. Going to the gym and working out for hours at a time, then going home and trying to follow a diet plan that is rather restricting, is the reality for most women. Yet no matter how many hours they spend in the gym, or how many tasteless meals they endure, they still cannot achieve that perfect, sought after shape. So they resort to things like body shaping undergarments that are extremely constricting and excruciatingly uncomfortable to wear in an effort to force the body into shape that it’s not. Fortunately, there is a diet program that is designed especially for women that can indeed give them what they crave. This program is called the Venus factor diet and is so named because Venus herself possessed the perfect hourglass figure. So the diet program is aptly named. Read on for a little sneak peek into what this diet program is all about.

First and foremost, this diet program is designed especially for women, so men cannot benefits from using this diet at all. This program, in a nutshell, will with time and patience, reshape a woman’s body into that elusive shape that women envy, and men drool over. While most body shapes can be reshaped, the one body shape that is hardest to reshape is the unfortunate athletic shape or ruler body shape. Continue reading

Bringing You Closer Through Text

texting with magnetic messagingIf only times were as simple as our ancestors had it.  Back then, a caveman could club the woman of his choosing, drag her to his cave, and have his way with her, clubbing her again if she tried to flee, and thus forcing a family unit.  As we developed more, and became more enlightened, it became more like a business arrangement, where again, the woman rarely had any say in the matter.  The man could approach her father with a reasonable offer for her hand in marriage, and expect lands, titles, and a sizable dowry to take her off her family’s hands.  All this done in an effort to continue lineage, and secure stronger political ties.  Rarely was it done for love back then, and it was certainly a lot easier on the guy.  Now, the dating world is complicated and ridiculously easy to fail in.  How are we supposed to have an edge over anyone else?

If you look at any magnetic messaging review, it will help you see why this method has worked wonders for so many men everywhere.  It will help ease frazzled nerves as you gather the courage to go out hunting again for that woman that is everything you ever wanted.  Because we live in an age of technological advancements that move at the pace of light itself, it can be so easy to overlook such a simple device as a cellphone.  That cell she carries with her everywhere is every guy’s “wing-man”.  You just need to know what to say.  While she is busy updating her status, or pinning recipes on Pinterest, reading the latest gossip magazine on her phone, or watching videos, you have an opportunity to make yourself memorable. Think of text messaging like haiku. Haiku is an old style of poetry consisting of 5 syllables, 7, then 5 again.  It’s probably more like Twitter. You don’t have a ton of space to say something meaningful, but the expectation is still there. So what will you write given such a golden opportunity? Continue reading

Simple ways to beat the belly bulge

blonde woman working outAsk any woman who has reached her 30s has reviews of her body, and she will tell you she wishes she had her 18-year-old body back. This is not exactly uncommon since when he to 30s everything starts to go south, literally, everything starts to sag. So it stands to reason that women in their 30s and older, is the age group that aims to want to fix up or firm up certain body parts. These women are constantly online looking for new and revolutionary ways to do this that doesn’t really involved diet and exercise. The sad truth is there is no such thing and it is impossible to select certain body parts and tar that only those parts for weight loss or toning. So if you really want to learn tips on how to lose weight and you are willing to give it a good and serious go, then keep reading.

No doubt you’ve been on the Internet for weeks, months or even years by now looking for the perfect weight loss program for your specific needs and have come up empty. There’s no real surprise there is these no such thing. The unfortunate truth is that in order to lose weight correctly and safely, does involve decent eating program that is not restrict you from eating certain food groups, and definitely does include a workout routine. Is no getting around it ladies, diet and exercise is the only way to go. It how you go about it that counts and makes the difference. If you go into it with the wrong frame of mind, then there is no waving to lose weight and how hard you try or how hard you work at it. The first step to losing weight started in your mind. That old saying that goes “mind over matter” is quite fitting, and exceptionally true. Continue reading

Safe and effective weight loss with fasting

couple eat stop eat workoutEvery single person is completely unique in the way that they gain or lose weight, and exact same thing goes for whatever weight loss or fat loss program they decide to follow. Wouldn’t just be perfect if there was such a thing as a one size fits all kind of diet plan and exercise routine? Unfortunately, we live in the real world. This means there is no such thing. Sad but true. Was everybody’s needs were comes to the weather or physically look is different and unique as well. For instance, some people just want to lose a few pounds because I think they look okay, that those who are actually unfortunately fat or obese and really do need to work at it to get to a healthy size, of course there are also the fanatics who are attempting to be Arnold Schwarzenegger wannabes, a.k.a. bodybuilder types. Like I said, everybody’s unique and has their own agenda. There is one thing that everybody can do though that is I suppose you could call this a universal one size fits all thing, (please note a use this term extremely loosely and by no means claim that this is a one size fits all) and it’s called fasting for muscle.

Okay so I said fasting. Now that doesn’t mean you can all become Muslims now stop wearing turbans entrancing and preying on maps facing West or anything stupid like that, it just means you’re going to use a ”softer”, more gentle form of fasting in order to control appetite, portion sizes, fat intake as well as sugar and salt. Not to mention also controlling what kinds of foods go into your mouth at what times of the day, in conjunction with a brilliantly thought out workout routine strategically planned in conjunction with the way you fast and eat, in order to lose excess body fat and gain optimal lean muscle mass permanent weight loss. Or should I say, fat loss. Yes okay that was a hell of a mouthful. But is also the truth. So in simple and basic terms, short and sweet, I will take you through with a little bit. Continue reading

Natural Breast Enhancement Advice.

Natural Breast Enhancement
Natural breast enlargement is a safer and cheaper alternative to 
surgery. An increasing number of women are in search of solutions that can help them increase the size of their breasts. Most women seek breast enlargement after weight loss and childbirth. There are several herbal pills such as Breast Actives designed to help women get the kind of look they desire. You can read Breast Actives reviews at this site

These Breast enhancing pills contain natural ingredients and this means that they are less likely to cause adverse reactions. The natural ingredients have been proven effective for enhancing breast size and shape. These Ingredients have estrogen like compounds. Estrogen is a natural hormone that promotes breast tissue growth. A variety of well known herbs are used in natural breast enlargement products. Most of these herbs have been used for several years to help women enlarge their breasts. These herbs include fennel, fenugreek, and dong quai.
Continue reading

A town called Wilderness and all its natural beauty

cinnamon house dining roomThere are so many reasons why people from all over the world travel to South Africa. One of these many reasons is to come to South Africa’s Cape Town, the perfect summer holiday which includes some of the most stunning views, drives and a myriad of different other activities to keep this in occupied. One of these is a place called the garden route. It is one of the most beautiful stretches of road in the Cape that follows along the most beautiful stretch of coastline which is truly jaw dropping!

Now all along this garden route all these beautiful, quaint little towns that you can stop in is one and visit for the day or even spend the night. One of these little coastal towns is a place called Wilderness. It’s a place it truly lives up to its name. However, there is nothing “wild” about it. It’s all cleverly cultivated natural flora. Continue reading

Man and his quest for the perfect body

adonis guys resultsThe quest for the perfect male figure usually starts off by picturing a scene a picture from Mr. Universe. So let’s assume it’s the beginning of winter. You just an awesome summer which means u spend a lot of time hanging by the pool, “downing” a few beers with a fire on the side for a perfect get-together. Use sweated and grunted your way through the grueling routine to get your body beach perfect, hopefully you also did the legs, only to “squander away” all your hard work and effort and too many beers and too many parties. But now it’s wintertime again and so the grueling gym routine starts again. More sweating and grunting and straining and pulling in an effort to get rid of the pregnant belly look that you are sporting now. I can tell you now you wasting your time, because come summertime you can have a hot bod, sort of, again, and you end up digressing with more beers and parties anyway. So let me save you a whole heap of hassle and a major dose of disappointment for the future. Let me introduce you to something that’s going to change your life and your body in a relatively short period time and possibly, if you look after yourself, permanently.

And so I introduce to you something called the Adonis golden ratio system. Like I said, this program can change your life, and I mean that literally because you are going to have to literally change your lifestyle in order to change your life, and your body. You could even go so fast says you can change your body into the shape that you were really after permanently if you are dedicated enough. Continue reading

A lesson on insanity

Fasting-For-MuscleEat Stop Eat Diet Review on Eat Stop Eat : The word diet should be classed as one of those “four letter words”, in my opinion. This word gets thrown around as frivolously and is carefree is the word love these days, but actually means absolutely bugger all! What is a diet anyway? Diet is just something that you follow an, eating plan that is, does not necessarily mean what most people think the word diet means, at least name more. Back in the day, dieting meant either starving yourself bird sized portions of food, all living on anything that you can put in a blender and then drink or even forcing yourself to eat those god-awful diet foods that they sold which tasted so bad, that people would rather use the box it came in and what’s inside the box itself! The word diet also means that you would deprive yourself, but not only of the foods that you love the most, but a necessary from groups entirely. Naturally you would lose weight. But what happens when this so-called “diet” is over? You go back to eating the way you used to, right? And then what would happen? All that fat and weight would just pile right back on again, and you’d be back to square one only to have to go through that horrendous and painful procedure all over again. There is a clinical term for this. It’s called insanity!

So how do we stop the insanity? Well, first off, stop eating your head against the brick wall and expecting a different result every time. Because eventually that’s what insanity is. The better ways to go about losing weight don’t involve starvation and deprivation or eating inedible foods! They are way to go about losing weight we you can store eat whatever you want, as crazy as that sounds, it is possible. It’s called fasting, but not fasting in the conventional way, its intermittent fasting. I’ll explain that in a minute, but right now would you really need to do is you need to Google something called eat stop eat right now. It’s exactly what intermittent fasting is, except that it’s given an actual name and structure, and that is a program designed awesome fat loss and gaining a killer body in the process, if you want to anyway. Continue reading

An Insight Into Naturaful Breast Cream


Some women just simple aren’t happy with their breasts. They feel they are too tiny, they do not fit their clothes properly, and they usually wish they had fuller, bigger and more noticeable breasts. Over the past few years, there has been significant upsurge in the number of women who have undergone breast enlargement and breast enhancement surgery for a number of reasons. Although there is certainly a place and a time for this kind of surgery, many women have found that they were left with uneven breasts, ghastly scarring or outcome they were not happy with. Subsequently, most women these days prefer to go for natural breast enhancement methods and among these methods, one of the most popular and easy solutions is the Naturaful breast cream.

About Naturaful
This breast augmentation cream is a revolutionary discovery in the beauty industry. This product is made of herbs that are believed to boost breast size, balance hormones and augment firmness of the breasts. The natural ingredients include Damiana, Sabal, Oat Bran, Dong Quai, Blessed Thistle and Motherwort. Used by millions of women around the globe, this is a natural, safe and viable alternative to harmful surgery and drugs. Continue reading

Something different for your SA holiday

cheetah-reserve-south-africaAsk anyone you know who has been to South Africa what it is like, to holiday there, and be prepared to sit for a while and listen to long recounts of amazing adventures of safaris, both on land and at sea, stories of visiting places where you get to touch the wildlife, or get pretty darn close to it anyway, places like the Ado Elephant Park and the Cheetah Reserve and visit places like Betty’s Bay where you get to see the African Jackass Penguins up close by the hundreds. Ask anyone who has had the privilege and joy to travel all over SA and see different parts of it, each so very different from the other, it is almost like visiting completely different countries!

south africa holidays are where adventures can be the stuff of legends and bedtime stories for kids. It’s where dreams are made true and realized, where life was born. South Africa is a legendary country that every adventurer of his time has dreamed of conquering! Continue reading

Acne Treatment Tips

Acne Help

Acne is a very common skin condition that affects not only teenagers but adults also. A common form of acne is called acne vulgaris or simple acne. If you suffer from any form of acne there are effective ways of treating it. Acne no more holistic treatment program that is very successful in treating acne in a more natural way without needing chemical products.

Acne often occurs in teenagers and can stay stubbornly around for many years. Acne symptoms can vary in their degrees of severity. Grade 1 is seen as being mild acne whilst having a category grade 4 is severe. Acne can then be either inflammatory or non-inflammatory.
Acne vulgaris can be further subdivided into being both non- inflammatory acne and inflammatory acne. If you have inflammatory acne vulgaris, this is when blackheads and whiteheads burst and release their contents. Continue reading