Welcome to the TargetJr information and help pages. Who are we?

TargetJr is a large integrated Image Understanding (IU) environment which is designed both as a computer vision research tool and as a platform for building end-user IU applications. The source code is freely available and can be readily downloaded. You can access various gems of information about the system from the navigation bar in the frame to the left. Here's a quick guide to what you will find in each section:

* Home
Brings you back to this front page

* News
Details of items that have been recently added or changed.

* TargetJr?
Information for brand new users. An introduction to the TargetJr environment, beginner FAQ, how to download source code, details of the mailing list and more.

* xcv
xcv is the "XV of Computer Vision". It is an application built using the libraries of TargetJr and forms a perfect introduction to the system for the new user. Here you can find documentation and can download binaries for various architectures.

* Download
From here you can download source code, binaries, documentation ...

* Manuals
This area contains in depth documentation covering TargetJr installation and features of the various class libraries in the system. You will also find manpage information automatically generated from the most recent code available at GE.

Just as it says; problems commonly encountered by TargetJr users.

* Links
TargetJr and the IUE are being used by many groups around the world. Here are links to some of their pages.

* Search
These web pages are indexed using WebGlimpse. You can search for key phrases to your heart's desire.

* Tools
Details of tools that have been developed as part of the TargetJr project that may be useful for other endeavours.

* Bugs
A form for you to submit bugs to the TargetJr development team.

* Teaching
Materials produced by various groups that are using TargetJr for teaching. These will be helpful both for new users and for those planning to teach with TargetJr in future.

* Comments
Let me know what you think!

Joël Savaric